Will You Like To Get Your Programs / Business Automatically Advertised Everyday As long As You Want ?

Will You Like To Have Downlines Recruited Automatically For Your MLM Programs Everyday ?

Will You Like To Have Customers Attracted Automatically For Your Business Everyday ?

Will You Like To Have Downlines / Customers Automatically Generated For You From Six Thousand ( 6,000 ) Facebook Groups & Pages, Everyday

Will You Like Save The Time You Are Using To Post Your Adverts To Facebook Groups & Pages


Get All The Postings Automatically Done For You, Everyday

Will You Like To Have Your Adverts Posted ( Programs / Business Advertised ) To More ( Up To Six Thousand ( 6,000 ) Facebook Groups & Pages


Be Able To Receive Better Result / More Downlines / Customers For Your Programs / Business ?

Are You Always Busy With Your Days Work & In Need Of A Way You Can Work On ( Advertise ) Your MLM Programs ( Get Downlines ) ?

Are You Finding It Difficult To Recruit Downlines For Your MLM Programs

Do You Love To Join MLM Programs With Little Money & Make A Lot More From It But Needs Help To Recruit Downlines Needed To Make Money From The MLM Program ?

Will You Like To Join MLM Programs & Get All That Are Needed To Make Money From It Done For You

Will You Like To Reach More People & Gain More Downlines For Your Business

Will You Like To Schedule Your Postings / Adverts On Facebook & Get It Done Automatically Without The Need To Be Online.

You can set this to be done everyday as long as you want.


Do You Love To :

Receive More Likes For Your Facebook Page Everyday

Get More Visits / Drive More Visitors To Your Website / Blogsite

Have Your Facebook Fans Page / Groups Updated Automatically Everyday As Long As You Want

Have Your Facebook Profile Wall Updated Automatically Everyday As Long As You Want

Will You Like To Expose Your Programs / Business To Thousands Of People On Each Of Six Thousand ( 6,000 ) Facebook Groups ?


What You Need


Access To


Automatic Downlines Recruiting Tool





UltimateFBPoster is a web based ( installed on a website. You do not need to install it on your PC or Computer ) Advertising Tool that can :

Advertise Your Programs / Business Automatically Everyday Without Limit

Expose Your Programs / Business To Millions Of People & Give You Better Result

Automatically Recruit / Generate Multiple Downlines For Your Programs Everyday From Six Thousand ( 6,000 ) Facebook Groups

Automatically Attract Customers For Your Business Everyday

Get You More Likes / Fans For Your Facebook Fans Page

Give You More Followers On Facebook

Drive Thousand Of Visits / Visitors To Your Website Everyday

Automatically Update All Your Facebook Pages / Groups / Profile Wall Everyday

Help You Save The Time You Are Using To Post On Facebook Groups & Pages By Doing The Postings & Advertising Automatically For Your Everyday


UltimateFBPoster : 

Can Be Used On Mobile Phones

Can Be Used On Mobile Phones

Can Be Used To Post Status, Links, Image and Video To Facebook

Can Be Used To Manage More Than One Facebook Account


You Will Be Able :

To See All The Likes Your Posts / Adverts Received

To See All The Comments On Your Posts / Adverts

To See The Number Of Shares Your Posts / Adverts Received From Your Dashboard / Member Area


UltimateFBPoster :

Will Help You To Market Your Products / Services / Blogs In Thousands Of Groups, Pages, Events, Profiles With Single Click

It Will Improve Your Facebook Marketing


With UltimateFBPoster :

You Can Track The Progress Of Your Adverts, Get The Insights ( Likes, Comments, Shares ) For Each Advert

You Can Play / Pause The Advert Any Time

You Can Post Comments To All Your Posts At Once So That The Posts Will Move To Top Of News Feed On Facebook

You Can Auto-Create Link Campaigns, Intergrate With WordPress. Make It 100% Auto Tool

You Can Post Youtube Video As Facebook Video, Just Paste Youtube Video Url and You Are Done

You Can Post Facebook Public Videos As Your Own Video, This Is Not Video Sharing, It Is Copying The Video

You Can Group Facebook Groups & Pages & Post / Advertise To Them Group By Group Instead Of Choosing Facebooks Groups One By One

You Can Schedule Posts / Adverts To Facebook From Now Till Any Time You Want. No Limit On Day, Week, Month, Year.

You Can Set It To Post For You Automatically From Today Till One Thousand Years & More



Making Money Directly From It

You will be able to receive multiple $5 payments directly to your Preferred Payment Account Unlimited Times for having access to it.

The Ultimatefbposter will generate the money for you automatically from Facebook

There is no Limit on the number of $5 Payments you will receive




UltimateFBPoster Is Save

UltimateFBPoster is safe to use. Your Facebook account will never be blocked or affected. It had been set to send out One post every Forty – Five ( 45 ) Minutes on each Campaign.

This means, if you set it to post to Ten ( 10 ) Facebook Groups or Pages, it will post to each of them Every Forty – Five ( 45 ) Minutes.

This is enough to avoid Facebook Jail

Posting once every Forty – Five Minutes will prevent being seen as someone rushing posts or spammer.

If you like, you can set it to post for you every One Hour or more but each posts it makes won’t take less than Forty – Five ( 45 ) Minutes.

You don’t need to be inside ( Log in ) UltimateFBPoster for it to advertise / post for you on Facebook. All you need to do is add your Adverts / Posts, set the time and date you want them posted and where they will posted to ( Profile Wall, Pages, Groups etc ).

You can log out, shut down your system ( Laptop, Desktop, Computer ), go offline and it won’t affect the tasks you set it to perform for you.

It can be set to perform tasks ( Advertise For You ) from now till next One Thousand Years. There is no limit.


To Avoid Facebook Ban

Do not use it to carry out more than Two Advertising Campaigns at a time on one Facebook Account.

If you need to, increase the time between each posts ( referring to the extra campaign ). You can set the time to Two or Three Hours.

Doing this will keep your Facebook Account Save

On UtimateFBPoster, you can manage more than One Facebook Account. You can post to more than One Facebook Account at a time. You really need UltimateFBPoster if you are managing Facebook Account for lot of people.



Why You Should Get Access & Use It :

You Will Be Saved From Going Online Everyday To Advertise Your Program / Business To Attract Downlines

Your Programs / Business Will Be Automatically Advertised Everyday Without Limit

Your Programs / Business Will Be Exposed To Millions Of People & Give You Better Result

You Will Be Able To Receive More Downlines For Your Programs Everyday From Six Thousand ( 6,000 ) Facebook Groups etc.

It Will Help You Receive Unlimited $5 Payments Directly to Your Payment Or Local Bank Account.


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